Yellowjack Tower Tool

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If you have ever stacked or taken down Rohn tower, you know how much work it is to physically pull the sections apart, particularly when the legs are stuck together, rusted, or deformed.  The YellowJack, like its Towerjack predecessor, is an absolute necessity when working with Rohn tower. 

Improved and updated with input by professional tower climbers K7LXC, K7NV, and K6NA, the YellowJack has added features to make using the tool easier and safer than ever before.  YellowJack can push sections apart, pull them together, and align a leg that is bent or off axis.

New ball pin keeps hinged sections fixed until ready for use.  Comes in yellow powdercoat finish.  Fits Rohn 20, 25G, 45G and 55G. 

* Works on Rohn 55g, but hooked alignment tool on end won’t fit on larger Rohn 55g sleeve.

See below for a Video Demonstration Video as well as a diagram of all the features built into the YellowJack:

Product Diagram:

Video Demonstration:

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