Orion 2800 Replacement Mast Clamp



The factory Orion clamp has two fatal problems: the gripping teeth are uneven and don't have enough surface area to actually hold the mast; and the nut and bolt surfaces are dimpled, the result of which is that the dimples over time will flatten and the nuts will loosen up.

I've installed dozens of Orions over the years and virtually 100% of them have loosened up and the antennas get blown around in the wind. This clamp eliminates both problems.

Hot-dipped galvanized with Stainless Steel and Galvanized hardware.

2-inch masts or 3-inch mast options available. Is for use with the circular turntable with mounting holes on 3-inch centers.

For 2-inch masts: $185.00
For 3-inch masts: $195.00

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